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Home Ground rodentЕlectronic devicesBROS - Solar Sonic (solar powered mole repeller)

BROS - Solar Sonic (solar powered mole repeller)

BROS - Solar Sonic (solar powered mole repeller)
BROS - Solar Sonic (solar powered mole repeller)BROS - Solar Sonic (solar powered mole repeller)BROS - Solar Sonic (solar powered mole repeller)

Mole repellent powered with solar energy. The battery allows for continuous work of the device all day and night. It emits sound waves and vibrations, which effectively repel pests.

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This appliance has a shorter pole than the other appliances we offer. The shorter pole of about 8cm compared to other appliances is designed to make the top visible part of the appliance closer to the ground and thus more invisible. Mainly intended for placement in a low vegetation area around the appliance.


Plug the socket from the solar body into the socket from the metal body.
Using a solid object, make a cylindrical hole in the soil and place the device in it so that the top panel is 3-5 cm from the ground.
For maximum contact, press the soil well against the appliance.
To charge the internal battery of the device for the first time, it must be exposed to the sun for 3-4 hours.
After charging the battery for 30 seconds. you will hear a vibrating sound, which is an indication of the operation of the unit.

Do not hammer the appliance with a hammer or other solid object.
To maximize the effect of the unit, it must be installed in a protected area after deep soil cultivation to destroy the old rodent shelters, and at least 2 weeks before planting.
The effect of the work of the device manifests itself after 2-3 weeks and depends on the type of soil and the initial density of the underground rodents.
It is normal to have an increase in rodent activity in the first days after placement, as rodents seek shelter in all directions in the area covered by the device.
The solar electronic device against underground rodents is weather resistant, but in high humidity or cold conditions it is necessary to remove it from the soil and store it at room temperature.

Power supply: Solar cell and Ni-Cd battery.
Frequency: 400-1000 Hz
Effective area: up to 800 sq.m

  • Manufacturer code:
  • housing:
    Plastic and metal
  • Power supply:
    Ni-Cd battery
  • Coverage::
    800 sq.m.
  • Warranty:
    24 months
  • EAN code: