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Home InsecticidesOUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control" / Art.№ SW 1321000

OUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control" / Art.№ SW 1321000

OUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control"
OUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control" OUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control"

OUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control" / Art.№ SW 1321000

Price: 20.90лв.
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OUTDOOR FLY TRAP "Natural Control"




The following advantages are offered by our wasp trap:

  • Natural bait included - no toxic chemicals

  • For use anywhere outdoors - gardens, patios, decks, yards, children’s play areas and waste refuse and recycling sites.

  • Supplied complete with a portion of specially formulated bait that is irresistible to all species of wasp.

  • Bait is mixed with water in the trap and attracts wasps into the trap where they drown in the water.

  • Designed to be hung from trees, fences, or stakes (wire tie included); may also be placed on the ground.

  • The active bee protection in the bait keeps bees away from the trap (species protection).

  • Replacement baits available.

Simple instructions

  1. Open the NATURAL CONTROL bait packet and pour into trap.

  2. Add 1 cup water to fill line and swirl to mix.

  3. Hang trap with twist strip in trees or from stakes in calm sunny locations about 5-10m from the area you wish to protect.

Add water if the liquid gets below the fill line. Do this in the evening to avoid being stung by active wasps. Re-bait every 2-3 weeks. For reuse, immerse the entire trap in soapy water to kill any live insects and clean the trap.

NATURAL CONTROL replacement baits are available.



Efficient wasp trap with natural baits

Completely free of chemicals, the SWISSINNO wasp trap, with a natural bait, attracts wasps and drowns them in the water. An ingenious design makes the use of poison unnecessary and thus protects the environment. In addition, the bait deters bees and stops them from flying into the trap.

Combating wasps is easy and effective with the wasp trap. The trap can be suspended 5 or 10 m away from the area to be protected or placed on the floor. 

Environmentally friendly and safe protection against wasps

Wasps can be particularly dangerous and represent a serious threat for people with allergies. This is why we developed a wasp trap at SWISSINNO, which is very efficient in attracting and killing wasps. Our years of experience in pest control mean our products are well thought-out and perfectly designed.

If a large number of wasps is present or there is a larger area, the use of several wasp traps is recommended. Take care to keep the trap filled with water so that the wasps entering it can be drowned.

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