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Home InsecticidesFruit fly trap "Natural Control" / Art.№ SW 1237000

Fruit fly trap "Natural Control" / Art.№ SW 1237000

Fruit fly trap "Natural Control"
Fruit fly trap "Natural Control" Fruit fly trap "Natural Control"

Fruit fly trap "Natural Control"  / Art.№ SW 1237000

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Some practical advantages of our fruit fly trap:

It's a sturdy, reusable trap made in two parts of durable plastic.

Its specially formulated bait is irresistible to fruit flies and other flying insects and that in combination with daylight shining through the translucent plastic attracts insects into the trap.

Replacement bait is available in packs of two portions.

Immediately stop infestation by fruit flies


Fruit flies are often brought into the living and kitchen areas on fruit, indoor pot plants, soil and other natural matter. It is recommended, therefore, to place the SWISSINNO fruit fly trap next to a fruit container.

Of course, the fruit fly trap also works in rooms that are already infested. The bait is especially developed to target fruit flies and it lures them impressively quickly into a death by drowning in the trap.

Simple Instructions

Open the pack and pour the liquid bait into the trap. 

Close the trap and place it where fruit flies are active, especially, for maximum effctiveness, next to a bowl of fruit.



Practical design allows easy refilling

As soon as a large number of fruit flies have drowned in the liquid bait, it is advisable to dispose of them, wash the trap out and  replace the bait with a new portion. This ensures optimum efficiency of the fruit fly trap and maintains a high level of hygiene at all times. The trap is constructed from robust, durable plastic mouldings and can be used again and again: simply wash it out with water after use and fill it with a new bait portion.







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