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Home Protection from rodents - mice, rats, dormouseUltrasonic animal repeller Pest X Repel / Art.№ PR 220.6

Ultrasonic animal repeller Pest X Repel / Art.№ PR 220.6

Ultrasonic animal repeller
Ultrasonic animal repellerUltrasonic animal repellerUltrasonic animal repeller

The PR-220.6

electronic rodent repeller is designed to deal with rodent infestations in an environmentally friendly way, with no pollutants or chemicals. No additional supplies are needed. The device is effective against mice, rats, dogs, cats, squirrels, polecats, weasels, loirs, foxes, bats, etc.

Price: 84.00лв.
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The PR-220.6 uses powerful ultrasound emittions, which affect the greater auditorial and sensoral capacity of bothersome pests and eventually cause them to flee from the area where repellers are installed. However, due to their high frequency, ultrasounds do not bother or affect humans in any way.The constant inflow of ultrasound waves and the flashing light impedes the rodents' vital functions and causes panic amongst them. It also intereferes mating and feeding processes and soon causes them to leave the area. The PR-220.6 has a wide frequency range divided into three working modes, allowing the user to choose the one which best suits the current case of infestation.


The first signs of the device's effect become noticable within a 12 - 14 day period. Optimum performance is achieved about 25 days after the device's installation. During that period any sudden rise in rodents' activity is nothing out of the ordinary. The ultrasound emitions cause them to flee and seek shelter elsewhere. Shortly after that they disappear completely.Use of additional means during this period will have great effect.


Once the device is plugged in, an indicator light will flash and a you will hear a sound. This is all part of a the device's self-test procedure and will last no more than a few seconds. The user can toggle through the three working modes using the "SET" button. Press and hold the "SET" button to make the indicator lights on the device flash consecutively. When the light of the desired mode is on, release the button to initiate it.

MODE I - frequency range of 20 to 30 kHz - Effective against mice, rats, spiders and some other insects.
MODE II - frequency range of 14 to 41 kHz - Effective against mice, rats, spiders, loirs, squirrels weasels, foxes, polecats, dogs, cats, etc.
MODE III - frequency range of 8 to 41 kHz - Effective against rats, spiders, loirs, squirrels weasels, foxes, polecats, dogs, cats, etc. The device is most effective in this mode of operation.


Food pickings, litter and etc. attract rodents the most. Make sure you dispose of them regularly. Good domestic hygiene and rodents are rarely compatible. It's also a good idea to provide noticable exits from the premises - this will speed the device's effect up. After the rodents have been chased away, shut all entrances and seal off the holes in your walls and floors. Prophylaxis makes for better performance and faster results.


When using the PR-220.6, please note that:
1. Ultrasound emittions are easily distracted and absorbed by soft surfaces such as carpets or upholsted furnishings.
2. Rough solid surfaces can reverbate sound emittions.
3. Sound emittions move more easily in a hot air enivronment rather than in a cold air one. Humidity reduces the speed of ultrasound emittions. A humidity level above 85% can seriously impede the performance of the PR-220.6.
4. High frequency sound emittions cannot penetrate walls.


Input voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power consumption: 9W
Frequency range: 8 000 - 41 000 Hz
Coverage: Up to 360m2


MODE III is within the human audible range of frequencies. It is suitable for use during the night or in uninhibited premises. Leave the device on constantly for optimum performance. When toggling through the modes of operation, crackling noises or other strange sounds may occur. This should not bother you - it is all due to the modulation of sound emittions. The shape and frequency of impulses constantly varies. This prevents the rodents from becoming accustomed to the emittions.

  • Manufacturer code:
  • housing:
  • Power supply:
    220V / 50Hz
  • Coverage::
    Едно помещение до 360 sq.m.
  • Warranty:
    24 months
  • EAN code: