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Uses a mixture of distress bird calls, predatory calls and gunshot sounds
Deters animals without harming them in any way
Ultrasound option for increased efficiency
12 VDC power supply
230 VAC powering possible via power adapter
Solar panel option available
LED status indication
Programmable “day”, “night” or “day+night” modes

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    Free of charge
Price: 560.00лв.
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Formulating and following a consistent bird control strategy is instrumental to successfully repelling unwanted flocks
from your target premises. We propose the following guideline as a good comprehensive starting point for most
infestation scenarios. Please read all instructions prior to installation and, should you choose to follow the listed
suggestions, please do so in a exhaustive manner for maximum effect. Also, note that bird feeding patterns may take
several days or weeks to break, hence the need for thoughtful preliminary action and patient application of the key
control methods. Lastly, it is important to be aware that under extreme drought or other adverse conditions, birds will
disregard all deterrents and risks in order to survive.
To obtain optimal results:
- It is advisable that the BR-40 electronic bird repeller be installed at least two weeks before birds are expected to
appear in the control area. It is easier to deter birds before they have discovered a food source than it is to do so once a
feeding pattern has started to develop.
- Choosing an optimal location for your BR- 40 is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of the unit. The device
should be mounted as high above the ground as possible, and away from any direct obstructions, in order to allow a free
dispersion of the sound. This would guarantee that the BR-40 operates at its maximum coverage. Wind also has
a substantial effect on the trajectory of the sound waves and thus, the performance of the unit. In case you have observed
or are able to determine a regular direction of the airflow within the control area, we recommend that this is used to the
advantage of the device.
- If possible, it is advisable to avoid mounting the main panel and additional speakers in direct sunlight, while the solar
panel should be exposed the maximum possible amount of sunlight.
- In positioning the device, it is crucial to factor in some behavioural characteristics of the birds, specifically the nature
of their feeding patterns and their choice of dwelling spots. Areas near a water source like rivers and lakes are normally
among the chosen for hiding and rest while trees with a greater crown spread serve as good place for birds to nest and
seek shelter. Further, it is helpful to take into account that in most cases birds will begin feeding or settling from the outer
end of the control area.
It is therefore imperative to consider such features of the landscape as part of the control area and install the BR-
40 accordingly. In case these territories are not fully covered, the risk of intrusion will not just be limited to them. Once
the flock proceeds past the perimeter of the control area and starts developing a feeding pattern, it becomes more likely
to habituate to the sounds of the device and encroach further. It is therefore advisable to target the birds as soon as
possible, preferably before they have had a chance to settle in the target area.
In terms of setting up the BR-40 bird controller we recommend using a dynamic approach whenever possible.
The initial stages of using the unit should be aimed at creating a hostile environment for the birds and causing the
biggest possible shock. For this reason we recommend using the BR-40 unit at full volume and a low delay time
setting. It is important to ensure that the system is operational at all times, especially during these introductory phases,
so regularly check the power source to make sure it is functioning properly.
Within a short period of time, the BR-40 will likely cause changes in the behavioural patterns of the birds, which
may necessitate alternative courses of action and methods of control. For example, be wary of different resting
locations and points of entry of the flock, as this may call for repositioning the device. Further, it is not uncommon to
notice a change in the species of bird, which would require reprogramming the device to include a new mix of the
appropriate sounds.
Overall the BR-40 bird repeller is a useful addition to any bird control strategy and should be treated as such.
While it would yield a satisfactory effect as a standalone solution, its peak performance could be achieved as part of a
holistic bird control system. A dynamic approach of adaptation and continuous control could make all the difference for
your control area.

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    Free of charge
  • housing:
  • Color:
  • Dimensions:
    280x280x190 mm
  • Power supply:
    12V / DC
  • Features:
    Effective area up to 40000 sq.m.
  • Warranty:
    24 months
BR-15 - 40-BG_vNEW [PDF, 5.93 MB]
BR-15 - 40-ENG_vNEW [PDF, 863.84 KB]